The Cherry Orchard


A Co-Production Between Theatre Smith-Gilmour and Theatre Columbus

Presented by The Canadian Stage Company

The Cherry Orchard

Written by
Anton Chekov

  • Yasha Raoul Bhaneja
  • Pyotr Kevin Bundy
  • Semyon, a Tramp David Danzon
  • Lophain Oliver Dennis
  • Firs, Stationmaster Dean Gilmour
  • Varya Susanna Hamnet
  • Gayev David McIlwraith
  • Dunyasha Lauren Piech
  • Anya Liisa Repo Martel
  • Charlotta IvanovaMichelle Smith
  • PishchikJim Warren
  • Directors Leah Cherniak & Dean Gilmour
  • Set & Costume Designer Teresa Przybyls
  • Lighting Designer Andrea Lundy
  • Sound Designer John Millard
  • Choreographer Claudia Moore
  • Stage Manager Marinda de Beer
  • Assistant DirectorChris Abraham
  • Apprentice Stage ManagerRanda Doche
  • Assistant DesignerAndjelija Djuric
  • Production Manager Roger West
  • House Technician Steve Lalande
  • Wardrobe Michelle Smith
  • Props Lisa Nighswander
  • Carpenter Chris Sproule
  • Volunteer Wardrobe Ruth Simpson
  • Scenic Painter Elizabeth Bailey
  • Production Assistant Simon Richard

In Chekhov’s comedy, two generations of an ineffectual aristocratic family move in contrasting directions when faced with financial ruin.The younger generation races passionately towards a new age while the older members struggle with their past. Death is never far away, though the characters embrace life; they sing, they dance and they talk.

The Russian film maker Aleksandr Sokurov says, The purpose of art is to prepare man for the fact of death. Art gives us many chances to rehearse events of this nature,….(art is like a teacher). Art says that what is most frightening about death is the parting. I would add to that, the purpose of  art is to make people softer, more moral, fragile and tender.” 

In The Cherry Orchard death is never far away but Chekhov’s characters move towards death dancing, singing and forever talkingWhen the artistic directors of THEATRE COLUMBUS and THEATRE SMITHGILMOUR discovered a few years ago that we shared a desire to journey through the world of Chekhov and find out why he called it a comedy, we began to make plans for this production. One of the greatest pleasures in the theatre is collaborating with artists that you admire and respect. This has been a rich and rewarding experience for our two companies sharing an artistic vision with this talented and warm hearted group of actors and designers

On our journey towards death we discovered Chekhov’s beautiful human comedy that embraces life full of singing, dancing and work as Tofimov says in Act II In order to live in the present, we should first redeem our past, finish with it and we can expiate it only by extraordinary labour.” 


“…this production establishes an exquisite tension between a comic facade and an encroaching tragedy”

– Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail

“Forget party tricks and pratfalls. The new breed of clown is more adult entertainment than kid’s stuff and it’s storming the gates of classical theatre”

– Deidre Kelly, The Globe and Mail

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Theatre Columbus and Theatre SmithGilmour are able to bring you theatrical excellence at affordable ticket prices due to the financial and inkind support of The Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the Toronto Arts Council, Metro Toronto, The Canadian Stage Company, aNdLogitix, Bank of Nova Scotia, Printcom Design, and the Royal Bank of Canada

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Gary Crystall and Martin Van der Vin for their fabulous record collections, Ed Douglas for his sound editing, Eva Firla, Dancemakers, Guy Legault and the Canadian Stage volunteer ushers, Local 58, Kate MacNaughton, Amy Marshall, Paisley, Jack Rackswell, Glen Salley and Richard Pell for their superb music on Gala Night, Eva TacheGreen, Ruth Thompson, Young Peoples Theatre and bravo to Tarragon Theatre for sharing their space and resources.