Your support means so much to us. We’re working on some new ideas, trying to contribute to the world that we want to live in: one that is inviting and welcoming and vibrant and fun. Along the way, we expect to fail and to learn and to celebrate and to cry and to laugh. And to hug (we like hugs). And we want to thank you for being with us through all of this. 

Whether you are able to financially support us, or come to our shows and events, or just like our vibe, we thank you for spending time with us and for helping us become the best Common Boots Theatre we can be. (OK, we’re the only one, so we’re simultaneously the best and the worst — and the mediocre-st, but we’re striving to be THE BEST!)

We are grateful for the support of our donors, partners, and funders who allow us to operate, artify, and make stuff.

Your donations support the following:

  • Commissioning new Canadian theatre that reflects the concerns and identities of present-day Canadians;
  • Developing art that welcomes and includes a wide range of perspectives;
  • Training of the next generation of artists, producers, and administrators, particularly from underrepresented and marginalized communities;
  • Occasionally, cookies that we share with our valued collaborators and audiences.

As a registered charity, we can provide charitable receipts for tax purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact Kesta Graham at [email protected].

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Core Funding

Common Boots Theatre would like to acknowledge core funding support from the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council;  the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario; and the Canada Council for the Arts.

In addition to Core Funding, Common Boots is grateful for the additional support during the COVID-19 pandemic as recipients of an Artists Response Initiative grant (Ontario Arts Council) and Strategic ReOpening Support (Canada Council for the Arts).  

Accessibility and Inclusion initiatives

Common Boots Theatre would like to thank the TD Banking Group for their generous multi-year support to our accessibility and inclusion initiatives.

Project Support

Common Boots Theatre would like to thank The Wuchien Michael Than Fund for supporting the ongoing development of The Frost Fair by Marjorie Chan, Nina Gilmour, Jeff Yung, Courtenay Stevens, Eponine Lee.