Meet Beckett: Date With Beckett


Produced by Theatre Columbus

Date With BEckett

Can this work that did so much to explore and explain post-World War II chaos, help us find clarity appropriate to today’s confusion?

Samuel Beckett as discussed by Leah Cherniak, Damiano Pietropaolo, Patricia Rozema, and Jennifer Tarver; moderated by Barbara Budd

Five Artists discuss Beckett’s work for the 21st century audience.
Talk of discoveries made in the making of Beckett’s plays for stage, film and radio.

Beckett’s work captivates some and infuriates others.
The question we ask is: Is this work important and vibrant today?

“It has been said that if Estragon and Vladimir had been called Paddy and Sean, great wastelands of intimidation and incomprehension would never have needed to be crossed to enjoy Beckett, and he would not have been kept so long on the solemn, chilled shelves of unintelligibility. There are still plenty of unnamable things in Beckett, but there is no longer any inhibition about the humour.” – Peter Lennon, The Guardian

Peter O’Toole to Niall Tobin: Listen to me, you pillock,” said O’Toole. “It’s a pause.” “I paused,” said Tobin. “You stopped,” roared O’Toole. How do you convey the distinction on radio? “You stop talking but you don’t stop mentally,” said Tobin.

“He was a great kisser”
– David Mamet