Meet Beckett: All That Fall


Produced by Theatre Columbus

All That Fall

Written by
Samuel Beckett

  • Mr. Rooney John Jarvis
  • Mrs. Rooney Julie Stewart
  • Ensemble Haley McGee
  • Ensemble Courntenay Stevens
  • Director Jennifer Brewin
  • Playwright Samuel Beckett
  • Projections DesignerTom Baranski
  • Stage ManagerLaura Baxter
  • Production Managers Ryan McDougall, Ian Arnold & Bill Penner
  • Producer Liz Jansen
  • Mainspace Technician Peter Eaton
  • Technical Director, Carpenter  Tom Baranski

Theatre Columbus is dedicated to physical theatre. All that Fall is a radio play. Seems like a perfect match.

Beckettʼs radio play, performed live. Written to be heard. Written to never be seen.

Beckett wrote “Never thought about radio play technique but in the dead of t’other night got a nice gruesome idea full of cartwheels and dragging of feet and puffing and panting which may or may not lead to something.”

So we thought we’d try it, by putting on staged reading.

The Beckett estate stipulated that under no circumstances could it be performed in front of an audience. It was meant to be heard, Beckett (and his estate) said, not watched.

Okay, we thought. We’ll all sit together, actors and audience, but we won’t turn on the light. We’ll sit in the dark —with a candle or two — and we’ll share some wine or beer, and we’ll listen to a story about an old woman who walks to the train station to meet her husband as a birthday surprise.

Just like Irish (and Canadian) audiences did in the old days: family gathered around the warm glow of the radio, lights off for ambience or to save money, the warmth of the cook stove (okay, not everything) … and we’ll listen.

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