In the style of a fancy gala invitation in gold and black, the Common Boots logo appears at the top in purple, below are the words "You are cordially invited to Un-Gala, February 23, 2024; The Biggest Non-Event of the Season" The words "Un" and "Non" are in bright purple, contrasting with the gold lettering elsewhere.


February 23, 2024

Common Boots Theatre is celebrating 40 years with an Un-Gala. We want to celebrate! However, we are 40. It’s February. It’s COLD and dreary. We need a nap. But we still want to have a bit of fun. Something together, apart…

Join us for the biggest Non-Event of the season!

When you buy your Un-Gala ‘ticket’, you get a tax receipt for the full value of the donation. On February 23, you will receive a Menu of delectable digital items for you to enjoy AND numerous useful reasons to stay home.


  • You don’t have to go anywhere*
  • There is no dress code, no need to find an outfit*
  • You won’t have to sit with strangers or people you don’t like*
  • No need to select chicken, beef, or vegetarian in advance – eat and drink what you want!*

*Unless you want to, then have fun!



(or Pay What You Wish)

Buy a ‘table’ for $500
(Your company logo will appear on our Supporters Page, with a special shout out on our socials)


Friday February 23, 2024 (and that weekend)*
* really whatever time you are ready, in your own time zone.


From the comfort of your own home*
*or wherever you’d like!


Help us celebrate this non-event by having fun with us and sharing on socials! Send us a pic/video letting us know:

  • How are you going to prepare for the Un-Gala?
  • Who/what are you planning to wear? (PJs and fuzzy slippers?)
  • What are you going to eat? (Chicken nuggets and pizza?)

Tag us and use the hashtags:
@commonbootstheatre #UnGala #UnGala2024 #NonEventOfTheYear #EventOfTheYear #theatre #Torontotheatre #theatrelife #YYZ #Toronto #theaTO


Contact us at [email protected]

Purchase Your Un-Gala ‘Ticket’