Walk With Amal Toronto: Finale


The Walk Productions and Luminato Festival Toronto in association with Handspring Puppet Company

Walk With Amal Toronto: Finale

Community Partners Common Boots Theatre and Globe Theatre (Regina) & Lead Artists Derek Kwan and Jennifer Brewin 

June 11, 2023


Music Garden
479 Queens Quay W, Toronto

Community Partners and Artists

  • Common Boots Theatre
  • Globe Theatre (Regina)
  • NAWA (Arabic Women’s Choir
  • Sabbara
  • Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Waterfront Toronto
  • Baque de Bamba
  • TallBeat

Farewell Little Amal
Tkaronto bids farewell to their new friend when Little Amal leaves our shores to continue her search for her mother. Encouraged by dancers, musicians, wise words, sweet songs and even tiny puppets, she departs across Lake Ontario – may fair winds fill her sails.

Starting at the base of Dan Leckie Way by Toronto’s Music Garden, Amal led the procession east along the harbour front until HTO Beach.

Common Boots was asked to be a Community Partner, and Common Boots Artistic Director Derek Kwan with former AD Jennifer Brewin were asked to be Lead Artists. Together with the Amal and Luminato teams, they designed the route, programmed artists, and in the end managed to get Little Amal on a tugboat to leave Toronto on her next journey.