The Unplugging


Common Boots Theatre in partnership with BALANCE for Blind Adults presents

The Unplugging

Created by
Yyvette Nolan

  • Director Reneltta Arluk
  • Sound Designer Amanda Trapp
  • PerformerTracey Nepinak
  • PerformerMichaela Washburn
  • PerformerAaron Wells
The poster for The Unplugging. A snowy landscape can be seen with pine tree sillouhetes in the background. A single house can be seen with a snow-covered roof. The sky is a watery turquoise

In a post-apocalyptic world, Bern and Elena are exiled from their village. Their crime? The two women are no longer of child-bearing age. Forced to rely upon traditional wisdom for their survival, Elena and Bern retreat from the remains of civilization to a freezing, desolate landscape where they attempt to continue their lives after the end of the world. When a charismatic stranger from the village arrives seeking their aid, the women must decide whether they will use their knowledge of the past to give the society that rejected them the chance at a future.

This adaptation of the play by the same name, has been reimagined as audio drama by Yvette Nolan in consultation with Alex Bulmer. 

*This is not being read live, but a broadcast of full length recording

Hosted by Kesta Graham

Talkback about our explorations in audio with artists Alex Bulmer and Amanda Trapp

Mature content