The Barber of Seville


Theatre Columbus presents

The Barber of Seville

Freely Adapted by
Michael O’Brien

  • EnsembleDonald Adams
  • EnsembleTodd Duckworth
  • EnsembleDavid Fox
  • EnsemblePaulina Gillis
  • EnsembleMartin Julien
  • EnsembleAlisa Palmer
  • EnsembleMartha Ross
  • EnsembleLuis Ochoa
  • EnsembleDragoslav Tanaskovic
  • EnsembleMartin van de Ven
  • Music Composer John Millard (Adapted from Rossini)
  • Director Leah Cherniak
  • Set Designer Glenn Davidson
  • Costume Designer Cécile Bélec
  • Lighting Designer Andrea Lundy
Freely plundering from Rossini’s opera, John Millard’s adaptations from the arias and his original songs take us to Spain, on the eve of the French Revolution. A lovesick nobleman, played byTodd Duckworth, seeks the woman of his dreams (Paulina Gillis), but to win her, he must enlist the help of the mercurial Figaro (a gleeful Martin Julien). The audience is led into a madcap spiral of deceit, disguise, trickery and mayhem.

Awards and Reviews

1996 Dora Awards – Mid-Size Theatre Divison

  • Award Outstanding Performance by a Female – Musical or Revue: Paulina Gillis
  • Award Outstanding Production of a Musical: Theatre Columbus
  • Award Outstanding Sound or Music: John Millard
  • Nomination Outstanding Costume Design: Cécile Bélec
  • Nomination Outstanding Performance  by a Male – Musical or Revue: David Fox
  • Nomination Outstanding Performance in a Musical by a Male – Musical or Revue: Martin Julien


“From the slightest gesture to the smallest prop, every opportunity for a laugh is exploited in a hugely detailed production. It takes a great deal of control to create the appearance of reigning confusion on stage – Theatre Columbus has plenty”

– Kate Taylor, The Globe and Mail