John Gabriel Borkman


Produced by Theatre Columbus in association with the Soulpepper Theatre Company

John gabriel borkman

Adapted by
Theatre Columbus

  • John Gabriel Borkman/Erhart Borkman Michael Simpson
  • Gunhild Borkman/Wilhelm Foldal/The Maid Nancy Palk
  • Ella Rentheim/Fanny Wilton/Frida Foldal Martha Ross
  • Director Leah Cherniak
  • Playwright Henrik Ibsen
  • Set and Costume Designer Victoria Wallace
  • Lighting Designer Lorenzo Savoini
  • Sound Designer and Original Music Marc Desormeaux
  • Stage Manager Shauna Jansen
  • Doll Creation Veronica Verkley
  • Text Support Tanner Harvey
  • Director of ProductionYvette Drumgold
  • Technical DirectorMatt Farrell
  • Assistant Technical DirectorMike Ledermueller
  • Head of Wardrobe Mary-Jo Carter Dodd
  • Assistant Head of Wardrobe Jolene Antle
  • CutterTracey Glas
  • Apprentice CutterPhil Atfield
  • SewersLina Falomkina, Erin Hanowski & Krista Nauman
  • Head of Hair and MakeupJacqueline Robertson-Cull
  • Assistant Head of Hair and MakeupMelissa Zimmerman
  • MillineryKaz Maxine
  • Head of PropertiesLisa Nighswander
  • Props BuildersGreg Chambers & Monique Stewart
  • Head Carpenter Andy DeVries
  • Assistant CarpenterJustin Theobald
  • Head Scenic ArtistDavid Rayfield
  • Scenic ArtistsWill Leskevich & Lisa Petrocco
  • Production AssistantStephanie Ripley
  • House TechniciansG. Stuart Baulch, Jason Browning,Greg Poulin &
    Pascale Thibodeau

John Gabriel Borkman is a late period masterpiece by the Norwegian genius Henrik Ibsen. Gothic and shockingly human, dramatic and fiercely funny, this provocative and highly theatrical adaptation is a collaboration between Soulpepper and Theatre Columbus, a renowned Canadian ensemble devoted to creating new works

John Gabriel Borkman, a passionate industrialist, has served five years in prison for de-frauding his employees. He now lives in exile on the top floor of his house, while his estranged and bitter wife lives below in her own, self-imposed prison. In a snowstorm, her estranged sister, once her rival for Borkman’s affections arrives. What follows is a battle of passions where industry is pitted against the desire for love.


What the artists captured so delicately in this beautiful production is the play’s generosity and playfulness

Tanja Jacobs

“Victoria Wallace’s costumes and set – we move from claustrophobic house to open mountain landscape, psychologically and physically telling – and Lorenzo Savoini’s nuanced lighting contribute to the striking production, whose heart is true even when the dolls are centre stage”

– Jon Kaplan, Now Magazine, NNN