Hotel Loopy


Theatre Columbus presents

Hotel Loopy

Written Collectively by
The Company

  • Patti Flo Marjorie Campbell
  • Murray Pint Michael Healey
  • Lewis Scott McCord
  • Tom CruiseAlon Nashman
  • RiirtRick Roberts
  • Bertha StrickenMartha Ross
  • Razza DazzaKristen Thomson
  • Director Leah Cherniak
  • Set and Lighting Designer Glenn Davidson
  • Sound Designer James Fisher
  • Stage ManagerShauna Janssen
  • Assistant Stage ManagerRobert Harding
  • Assistant Director Mindy Parfitt
  • Production Manager Ian Arnold
  • Scenic ArtistMelanie MacNeill
  • Scenic CarpentersCraig Smith & Drew Aaslepp
  • CrewIan Rogers & Paul Emerson
  • SeamstressJolete Ante
  • Graphic DesignerMessenger
  • PhotographerJohn Lauener
  • PublicistBig Picture Communications

This whacky comedy traces the bizarre entanglements of seven characters under the roof of Hotel Loopy. The hotel’s staff includes a depressive philosopher, a rubbery bell captain and a malicious maid, while the guests include a Tom Cruise wanabee, a French poseur and a harried trombone player, all accompanied by a lounge lizard on piano.

Awards and Reviews

2004 Dora Awards – General Theatre Divison

  • Nomination: Outstanding Performance for a Male – Rick Roberts

“Laughter can by the most powerful bond between performer and spectator; It is this ability to make contact with the audience, and then turn that contact into yet another joke, that animates and unifies Hotel Loopy”

– Kate Taylor, Globe and Mail

Special Loopy thanks to:
Henry Bertrand, George Brown College and specially Carol McNutt, Viola Dobler (prop maker of the baby from the University of Alberta), Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People, Off the Wall! Gallery at the AGO, Margaret Rose & Lilly Ros-Millard