Dance of the Red Skirts


Produced by Theatre Columbus

Dance of the Red Skirts

Created by
Maev Beaty, Leah Cherniak, Greg Gale, Martha Ross & Erin Shields


  • Performer Maev Beaty
  • Performer Greg Gale
  • Performer Erin Shields
  • Directors Leah Cherniak & Martha Ross
  • Set and Costumer Designer Victoria Wallace
  • Lighting Designer Glenn Davidson
  • Sound Designer Thomas Ryder Payne
  • Stage Managers Robert Harding & Kinnon Elliot
  • Script Coordinator Kesta Graham
  • Production Manager Glenn Davidson
  • Media Relations Josee Duranleau
  • Set Carpenter Ian Chappell
  • Crew Nick Davidson, Johnathan Rooke & John Thomson
  • Venue Technician Kevin Hutson
  • Promo Video Lily Ross-Millard

A new comedy is inspired by Paul Klee’s whimsical painting of 1924. His imaginative dreamscape becomes the backdrop for 3 characters whose story will be painted by the painting, who discover the play in Klee

“Art does not reproduce what we see, rather, it makes us see”
— Paul Klee

Three young people meet by chance. They are all struggling with their own demons; Roger, a daydreaming office worker bored stiff with his job; Celia, just discovered she is pregnant and is not as happy as she thought, and Rachel, a no-nonsense wanabee song writer full of zeal at voicing her opinions. Their interactions include a sexual dalliance, a confrontation and a night at the opera.

Awards and Reviews

2008 Dora Awards – Independent Theatre Divison

  • Nomination: Outstanding Performance by a Female – Maev Beaty

True to their name, Theatre Columbus enjoys making theatrical discoveries…there are some playful moments, including a bear on a high wire and a feisty Irish handpuppet. Thomas Ryder Payne’s sound design adds emotional resonance.

– Glen Sumi, Now Toronto, NNN

“Dance of the Red Skirts engages all our sensibilities with humour and grace.”

– Toronto Star

“The acting ensemble of Maev Beaty, Greg Gale and Erin Shields, who helped create the play, is outstanding, and the three troubled characters they portray tug at the heart strings.”

– Paula Citron, Classical 96.3FM