The Dibley Project
A fundraising performance by Toronto Ministers

About the project: 

Common Boots Theatre presents a fundraising performance of The Vicar of Dibley, in support of their Play Development program and Comic Relief. All of our partners share Common Boots’ vision for vibrant communities and public engagement through the fine arts.

This project is derived from a long tradition of Canadian Theatre companies partnering with the legal community to raise money. Like the inaugural Minister’s Play, we brought together an incredible team of local clergy to star in a stage version of the BBC television series The Vicar of Dibley created by Richard Curtis and Paul Mayhew-Archer and starring Dawn French. We enlisted the help of award-wining Canadian playwright Arthur Milner to adapt episodes from the television series into a seamless, theatrical text.

The play follows the antics of a new female vicar in a small town. It is a comical yet timely story of tradition facing modern times. The idea of working with churches emerged from Common Boots’ outdoor winter production The Story at Evergreen Brick Works. Martha Ross’ Nativity play – The Story began as a short piece for Bloor St. United Church’s annual Christmas event. A full-length production was commissioned for The Caravan Theatre, and was then brought to Toronto in 2011 and 2012. One of the wonders of that production was the inclusion of local choirs, many from churches in the area.

The involvement of the choirs brought Common Boots into direct contact with a variety of groups whose commitment to community engagement covered both religious and cultural territories. The mutual admiration garnered a curiosity about more collaboration. From these conversations, the idea for The Minister’s Play was born.

2015 Performers:

The Ven. Gordon H. Finney, The Rev. Anne Hines, The Rev. Will Ingram, The Rev. Michael Marshall, The Rev. Naomi Miller, Hazel Miller, Maggie Miller, The Rt. Rev. Linda Nicholls, The Rev. Canon Jennifer Reid, The Rev. Norm Seli, The Rev. Dr. G. Malcolm Sinclair, The Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile and David MacDonald

2016 Performers:
Ven. Gordon H. Finney, Rev. Anne Hines, Rev. Will Ingram,Rev. Dawn Leger Rev. Michael Marshall,
Rev. Canon Jennifer Reid, Rev. Norm Seli, Rev. Dr. G. Malcolm Sinclair, Rev. Dr. Martha ter Kuile