Jennifer Brewin

Jenny Salisbury

Kate Walker

Artistic Director Jennifer Brewin’s Statement of Intent:

“I aspire to create performances that live — as Jonathon Lynn writes — “on the thin line between order and chaos.” I direct primarily new work and facilitate collectively created scripts. Many are large productions performed in unusual places.

My practice has been influenced by a constellation of artists and institutions: Peter Hinton, Leah Cherniak, George F. Walker; The National Arts Centre, The Caravan Farm Theatre, Green Thumb Theatre, Theatre Columbus.

I chose to continue my artistic practice with Common Boots Theatre because working collaboratively is mandated with the expectation that the work be disciplined, funny and unique.

I am driven to show off this country’s unbelievable theatrical talent to the public; and to be part of those theatrical events that show off the best of what we are in community. I am committed to the next generation of theatre artists by providing opportunities to create and develop alongside us, challenging our work to be better and stronger than before. I encourage the voice of women in artistic leadership.”


Shery Leeder, Chair
Kesta Graham, Treasurer
Jennifer Chan
Richard Chan
Elizabeth Christie
Melissa Gallo
Niki Kemeny
Jenny Salisbury
Norm Seli
Ryan Singh
Courtenay Stevens
Alexandra Watt-Simpson


Just some of the many people who work with us—

Kawa Ada, Matty Armour, Andrea Baggs, Laura Baxter, Erin Birkenbergs, Frances Bundy, Richard Chan, Leah Cherniak, James Coomber, Lisa Karen Cox, Dan Daley, Glenn Davidson, Nick Davidson, Colin Doyle, Heather Ervin, Brittney Francis, Melissa Gallo, Kesta Graham, Jason Golinsky, Catherine Hahn, Katie Horrill, Jacqui Jenson-Roy, Anne Beach Johnston, Amy Lee, Richard Lee, Shery Leeder, Haley McGee, Sarah McVie, John Millard, Sean Miller, Chiaki Nemoto, Julia Nish-Lapidus, Sandy Plunkett, Paul Rainville, Jeffrey Razon, Adam Revesz, Michael Rinaldi, Martha Ross, Amy Rutherford, Jenny Salisbury, Courtenay Stevens, Sanjay Talwar, Anna Treusch, Rebecca Vandevelde, Jennifer Villaverde, Connie Wang, Rylan Wilkie, Amanda Wong