About the Company


To create, through a collaborative process, new and original Canadian plays that combine a physical theatre tradition with social and personal issues relevant to our time and place.


-Create and present performances that investigate and inspire citizenship
-Contribute original scripts to the canon of Canadian plays
-Advance the skills and security of professional theatre practitioners through the creation and production of original theatre
-Advance the role of the performing arts as an active ingredient in public life


We are an artist-run, independent company in downtown Toronto. We produce large-scale outdoor winter theatre and collaboratively created comedies that explore political institutions, public vocations, and civic life.

We are the direct descendants of Theatre Columbus, whose co-founders, Leah Cherniak and Martha Ross, pioneered physical theatre and clown in Toronto, creating ground-breaking plays through a collaborative model that placed actors at the centre of the work.

Our creations uncover life on our common ground, places that we are connected to but do not visit, places that bind us together and have no roof. Places where individuals are cast as citizens, places where we fail, fall, and get up again.

Our work sits at the intersection of women, comedy, public space, and physical theatre. We champion anti-heroes, characters who are met in unexpected, forgotten spaces such as the public sector, the local riding office, or outdoors in the absurdity of winter.

The public has a complex relationship with women. We give them stage time to sort it out.

Our physical comedy grows out of the long lineage of commedia dell’arte and street performance, where scenes are founded on an encounter between an actor and a problem and sorted out in public.

Our annual activities include an outdoor winter production, the premier of a new work for the mainstage, the commissioning and development of up to three new works, all using collaborative models inspired by our foremothers.