The Story by Martha Ross

December 11-30, 2017at Christie Pits Park

Presented by Common Boots Theatre in association with Soulpepper Theatre Company

Starring: Alex Bulmer, Christef Desir, Shakura Dickson, Dan Mousseau and Marcel Stewart

Written By Martha Ross
Co-Directors: Jennifer Brewin and Katrina Darychuk
Music Director: John Millard
Set Designer: Shannon Lea Doyle
Lighting Design: Glenn Davidson
Costume Designer: Alexandra Lord

Production Manager: Kaitlin Hickey
Technical Director: Glenn Davidson
Stage Manager: Laura Baxter

Common Boots Theatre returns to outdoor winter theatre with Martha Ross’s award winning, The Story in association with Soulpepper Theatre as part of their annual Family Festival.

Common Boots Theatre’s annual outdoor winter production is a 50-minute processional play, performed entirely outdoors throughout December. The audience follows the actors from scene to scene across spectacular urban landscapes. Local choirs serenade audiences as the show plays out.

Martha Ross’ The Story imagines the Nativity as a parable for modern times. The audience follows three wise men as they navigate a complicated world of existential shepherds, imperial soldiers, charming thieves, a bumbling angel, a deranged tyrant, and a lost choir. They are all in search of a headstrong young woman, whose baby — the poorest of the poor — will be born in a trash heap, but is honoured by Kings and will become a symbol of transformation and renewal. Regardless of faith, The Story is a balm in a storm of ennui and confusion.

This year we bring The Story to a new location—Christie Pits Park, in one of Toronto’s most vibrant and multicultural neighborhoods. The community is historically known to be a safe haven for newcomers as they transition to a new life in Canada. After 5 years at Evergreen Brick Works, we’re so excited to share our love of outdoor winter theatre with different communities and bring our stories, laughter, and questions to a new corner of our wonderful city.

Common Boots welcomes the skilled members and alumni of the Soulpepper Academy to this year’s production. It is an honour to share this unique artform to this group of promising and emerging artists. Our hope is that these young artists will continue to explore this art form and all that it brings to the cultural landscape of our city.


Alex Bulmer, Cast - The Story by Martha Ross

Alex Bulmer is an award-winning actor, writer, director and ukulele

Creative Team

Martha Ross, Playwright - The Story
Martha Ross

Jennifer Brewin

Jennifer Brewin specializes in the creation and development of new

Katrina Darychuk, Co-Director, The Story
Katrina Darychuk

John Millard, Music Director - The Story
John Millard

Shannon Lea Doyle, Set Designer - The Story
Shannon Lea Doyle

Alexandra Lord, Costume Designer -The Story
Alexandra Lord