Common Boots Theatre began when two young actors returned from France armed with a unique way of creating theatre. Martha Ross and Leah Cherniak trained together under renowned physical theatre master Jacques Lecoq, whose techniques break the barriers between performer and audience by placing the actor at the centre of the work. The works scripted the chaos of managing modern life and featured characters that were both original and familiar. Over time the style evolved, a porous fourth wall erected, and a writer join the actors to shape the work into a script.

The company has contributed over 30 original works to the Canadian canon. The Anger in Ernest & Ernestine has had 18 major productions around the world, and has been translated into Spanish and French. The Attic, the Pearls & 3 Fine Girls, produced across Canada and internationally, continues to connect the company to countless schools, theatre programs and amateur companies.

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Until-we-Part  The Orphan's Dream (2016)