Blind Imagings
– the podcast –


In April 2019, Alex Bulmer launched “Blind Imaginings”. This three-day workshop brought blind and sighted artists from diverse performance disciplines together to de-centre vision from theatre and imagine beyond seeing. Participants included playwrights Natash Greenblatt and Yolanda Bonel  who took their Blind Imagining skills straight to The Election. They crafted a text with descriptive storytelling which made our production accessible for blind and sighted audiences.

Join us for our exploration of decentralizing sight within a creative process.

The Core Team

Alex Bulmer (Project Director)

Alex is a blind writer, actor, director, and equity advocate and educator. She is Co-Artistic Director of Common Boots Theatre (CA) and Artistic Director of Invisible Flash (UK).

Jessica Watkin (Project Co-Director)

Tristan Whiston (Project Co-Director)

Michael Achtman (Project Co-Director)

Allison Cummings (Project Administrator and Access Support)