“Truly inspiring things happen in a room full of people, who enjoy being silly and I am fortified to go forward for I am not alone.”

–Alexandra Watt Simpson, Lab Member

Current Members of The Devised Lab:

Saba Akhtar                                    Griffin McInnes                      Kelci Stephenson
Sehar Bhojani                                 Scott Mealey                         Jennifer Villaverde
Danya Buonastella                         Dayna Miller                          Alexandra Watt Simpson
Amanda Cordner                            Erin Morgan                          Alexander Wong
Shawn DeSouza-Coelho                Brian Postalian                     Jeff Yung
Colin Doyle                                     Sean Pratt
Jeff Ho                                            Susan Purdy
Julia Hunter                                    Lily Ross Millard
April Leung                                     Jenny Salisbury
Christopher Manousos                   Tyler Seguin
Katelyn McCulloch                          Neil Silcox


Mayhem and the Naked Muse (the devised theatre lab) is a diverse group of artists at various stages in their careers, who gather on Monday nights to explore, develop, and create. Similar to a pick-up game of basketball, or a musical jam session, this weekly event is neither class nor rehearsal, but a creative workspace to develop skills and new work.

Members of Mayhem are invited in through an application/invitation process. Some have a history with the company, through the winter show or play development projects, and others have joined the company here for the first time. Some artists are recent graduates from professional theatre programs across the country, and others are turning or returning to devised work from other career paths. All of us create from a physical, comedic space, and incorporate the work of Mayhem into our own practices.

Mayhem and the Naked Muse is a place to gather and experiment as creators and leaders. The work generated can be performed at Common Boots Theatre’s annual birthday party in May. We dive into the creative cupboard of Lecoq, Gaulier, Theatre Comlicite, John Wright, Anne Bogart, Spy Monkey, and Keith Johnstone, to name a few. We bring in our own writing and questions, and we jump into the foundational material of Common Boots Theatre. Together, we challenge each other to be better artists, leaders, and citizens of our creative city.

We are led by Artistic Director Jennifer Brewin and Associate Artist Courtenay Stevens. We are hosted by the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto.

Past Members of The Devised Lab:

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