The Devised Lab

“Theatre is a personal and public action at once. Not unlike church or a yoga class, it is simultaneously social and introspective, and it can be that rare practice that activates both the imagination and conscience simultaneously.”
– Andrew Kushner

The Devised Lab is a forum for emerging artists to explore the creative process that defines our practice. Founded in 2014 in honour of our 30th anniversary, the Devised Lab is a free weekly workshop for select members to investigate the essentials of play creation, facilitated by senior Common Boots artists. We dive into the creative cupboards of some of the greatest minds in the genre – Lecoq, Gaulier, Theatre Complicite, John Wright, Anne Bogart, Spy Monkey and Keith Johnstone.

The lab was born from early programming of the company, Mayhem and the Naked Muse and The Knee Plays. Both offered artists a forum to present their works in progress.

In January 2018, we begin a new lab with the goal of creating a collection of short works about public life with public presentations along the way. The work will explore themes and ideas born from the issues of the day. The work will belong to their creators, to stand-alone or be the seed of a full-length piece or a larger collaborative project. Every couple of months we will check in on the work by opening the presentations to the public. The audience is an important part of our process. They become active witnesses to stories in the making, gems that could turn into mighty stories.

Past Devised Lab members:

Saba Akhtar, Danya Buonastella, Richard Chan, Shawn DeSouza-Coelho, Andrew Gaboury, Nina Gilmour, Celia Green, Jonah Hundert, Julia  Hunter, Shira Leuchter, Rebecca Liddiard, Christopher Manousos, Katelyn McCulloch, Griffin McInnes, Dayna Miller, Erin Morgan, Jessica Moss, Sally Nakazi, Sean Pratt, Susan Purdy, Jenny Salisbury, Tyler Seguin Neil Silcox, Kelci Stephenson, Courtenay Stevens, Jennifer Villaverde, Alexandra Simpson, Alexander Wong

Facilitated by Jennifer Brewin and Courtenay Stevens