About Indoor Theatre

Our indoor work explores public life. We make theatre that asks questions instead of answering them, shining light on the grey areas that exist in civil life. Our plays employ techniques of physical theatre and clown, combining play and theatricality with a strong sense of social justice.

We aim to create an environment that frees people to bravely investigate how we behave as a society. We seek a form and a forum where high art and comedy can fuel important and relevant discussions about our lives. We are interested in the place where the state and the individual meet and collide, where the big picture of existence intersects with the smaller pictures of everyday life.

The social and physical landscape of the working environment informs the work in terms of theme and aesthetic. When the creative process begins, we head for the territory where human dilemmas ferment — borrowing from the dramaturgy of chaos, doubt and desire, traveling from disorder to balance and back again.

American director Anne Bogart believes that the heart of theatre is relationships. Urban philosopher Jane Jacobs believes cities are healthy because they breed interdependent, complex relationships among their inhabitants. The writings of these two women embolden our purpose.

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Performing Artists in past and upcoming Common Boots/Theatre Columbus Indoor productions:

Dominque Abel, Donald Adams, Georgina Beatty, Maeve Beaty, Raoul Bhaneja, Yolanda Bonnell, Paul Braunstein, Daniel Brooks, Kevin Bundy, Laura Caesar, Benedict Campbell, Emma Campbell, Marjorie Campbell, Leah Cherniak, Mark Christman, John Cleland, Conrad Coates, Oliver Dennis, Kerry Ann Doherty, Deborah Drakeford, Todd Duckworth, Mary Durkan, Chris Earle, Kirk Elliot, Michelle Fisk, Simon Fortin, David Fox, Allegra Fulton, Greg Gale, Paulina Gillis, Dean Gilmour, Fiona Gordon, Pat Hamilton, Susanna Hammet, Michael Healey, Ellen-ray Hennesy, Kate Hennig, Maggie Huculak, Tanja Jacobs, John Jarvis, Marcel Jeanin, David Jensen, Brooke Johnson, Martin Julien, Daniel Kash, Amy Keating, Qasim Khan, John Lambert, Larry Lewis, Ann-Marie MacDonald, Mary Ellen Maguire, Mary Ellen Mahoney, Andy Massingham, Diego Matamoros, Scott McCord, Halley McGee, David McIlwraith, Don McKellar, Sarah McVie, John Millard, Robert Morgan, Kelly Nadal, Tony Nardi, Alon Nashman, Iraina Neufeld, Patricia Nichols, Lisa Norton, Luis  Ochoa, Duncan Ollerenshaw, Nancy Palk, Alisa Palmer, Lauren Piech, Anand Rajaram, Liisa Repo-Martell, Julien Richlings, Rick Roberts, Martha Ross, Amy Rutherford, Mark Saunders, Erin Shields, Michael Simpson, Michelle Smith, Courtenay Stevens, Julie Stewart, Waneta Storms, Dragoslav Tanaskovic, Severn Thompson, Kristen Thomson, Martin Van De Ven, Jim Warren, Ker Wells, Paula Wing, Robert Winslow, Tracy Wright, Paul Zubot

Photo by Neil Silcox
Set & Costume Design by Anna Treusch
Actors: Amy Keating, Amy Rutherford and Sarah McVie