2020-2021 Season

In 2020 our activities were upended but that hasn’t stopped us from creating and collaborating.

Last spring, Alex pivoted and partnered Common Boots with BALANCE For Blind Adults to co-ordinate live play readings for the blind community across Canada – a community profoundly isolated by the pandemic. 

A painted self portrait of Bruce Horak - a white man with short brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a light blue button up shirt and a dark grey vest that is unbuttoned. In his left hand he holds a paintbrush against his face, as if he is painting himself.

This partnership continues as “The Listening Stage” a series of audio-based online events. The 2020-21 series is being launched November 24, 2020 with a live-streamed performance of Assassinating Thomson by blind actor Bruce Horak. 

A photograph of Alex Bulmer - a white woman with short, light brown hair, seated at a small table on her balcony. On the table is a white, orange and blue toy telephone, a grey cordless telephone, and a glass of wine. She is holding a red telephone receiver to her ear, the red phone is balanced on the balcony railing.

We’ve been exploring digital storytelling with Postcards From My Balcony; a short film which will be presented in the spring of 2021. Stay tuned for details on streaming events.

A photograph of a woman's legs, shown from the knee to her boots. She is wearing blue jeans and black boots with laces.  The bottom red and white portion of her cane is visible next to her left foot.

In early 2021, our development of audio/digital theatre continues. We will workshop an original work Perceptual Archeology based on Alex Bulmer’s blind travel writing, with the goal of an audio-led live binaural performance in 2022.

For more information on what we have been up to, click here to read more about our current projects.